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About Us

Encompassing 188 034 square kilometres, School District 87 (Stikine), with stunning landscapes, a boreal climate and isolated communities separated by large distances, is, geographically, one of the largest school districts in British Columbia. We are committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for all our students. Stikine employees are dedicated to creating the best environment possible for education. Our schools have strong, positive, cooperative relationships with parents and their communities and we believe that a positive and safe environment will continue to make a difference and support the learning of all students. We encourage parents to get involved in their children's education and school. After all, the best gift we can give our children is an education.

SD87 fosters a student needs based delivery of education using 21st Century Learning, as described by the Ministry of Education. We honour the diversity of our communities and strive to achieve their educational goals for their respective learners in our system. A collaborative approach with all partners reflects a powerful commitment to our students. The concept of lifelong learning is promoted through staff development while supporting the professional goals of schools and individual personnel. Although geographically challenged with distances between schools, SD87 has developed an effective and efficient technology system to connect staff and students to each other and the world at large.