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Denetia School

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PO Box 40
Lower Post, B.C., V0C1W0
Phone: 250-779-3381
Fax: 250-779-3316

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Denetia School

Denetia School is a K-7 school located in Lower Post, British Columbia, making it B.C.’s most northern school. The school employs a Principal/Teacher, Secretary/Music Instructor, a Student Aide/Kaska Instructor, and a Custodian. Lower Post is a Kaska Nation community located 22 kilometers south of Watson Lake, Yukon. Denetia, which means “Good Person” in the Kaska language, has twelve students (as of 2011) that attend as one class. The school focuses on a program developed by the Principal/Teacher called P.A.C.E.S., an acronym for Personal Achievement Cultural Experiential Skills. The philosophy is to combine traditional local aboriginal language, culture and traditions with hands-on learning experiences that are engaging and personally relevant to the students.

The staff of Denetia School strives, in partnership with parents and the community, to provide each student with the best educational experience possible.

Our mission as a staff is to:

  • Make Learning fun
  • Connect daily with students in an engaging manner
  • Love and care for our students unconditionally
  • Live our lives as role models
  • Be learning coaches
  • Be helpful to students
  • Be effective at our jobs
  • Ask students more questions
  • Be beneficial to community needs

The staff will ensure the following values guide in all interactions with students, staff, parents, and community. We can be courageous and not be afraid of humility and have the ability to be ourselves. We are open with out communication and support one another with understanding and compassion. I will teach and learn with dedication and commitment to improve my skills. I will strive to understand other’s points of view in a trusting and respectful manner.

To see students, staff, and community succeed in everything they do. To extend trust to each out and to the community as we learn from out mistakes. We want to respond rather than react and frame out thoughts positively in all situations and endeavors.

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