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School District 87 (Stikine)
Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement (EA)

The Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement involves shared decision making among all of the participant groups and a commitment to work collaboratively and within trusting partnerships to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal learners. Partners worked together to develop goals, ways to achieve and methods for assessment of the goal attainment. The Steering Committee, made up of representatives from each First nations in the Agreement, CUPE, STA (teachers), BCPVPA (Principals) and District Administration will meet at various times throughout the school year to monitor progress of the Agreement.

School District 87 (Stikine) held a ceremony at Dease Lake School Tuesday, November 9, 2010 to celebrate the signing of the Enhancement Agreement. Three years in the making, the Agreement is between the Ministry of Education, the First Nations of the Stikine and the School District. Its intent is to enhance educational opportunities for all First Nations students in the District. It represents a shared decision-making process and is considered to be a living document that will evolve over time in collaboration with all partners. The goals of the Agreement focus on academics; language, culture, history and tradition that will lead to upholding and strengthening the inherent respect and connection to the land; physical health and well-being; and, the sense of belonging, identity and self esteem. The ceremony began with a welcome from Tahltan Nation Chief Rick McLean and was followed by cultural performances from Dease Lake Tahltan Dancers and Wayne Carlick from the Taku River Tlingit First Nation in Atlin. This was followed by presentations from SD 87 schools that showed how well the goals of the EA are already being supported and clearly a sense of cultural pride was present amoung students. Repeatedly, the representatives who signed the agreement (pictured below), stated the value of this Agreement as it clearly focuses on the youth who are the future leaders of the First Nations in the Stikine.

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