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Superintendent's Message

Superintendant of Schools
Mike Gordon
Email: mgordon@sd87.bc.ca

Although named the Stikine, SD 87 has other powerful river systems that are home to Taku River Tlingit First Nations, Iskut Band, Dease River First Nations, Tahltan First Nations and Daylu Dena First Nations.

Here in SD87 we are focused on being responsive to the needs of our students. 2016/17 provides an exciting opportunity with the introduction of new curricula across the k-9 spectrum which includes the expectation that First Nations’ ways of knowing are included alongside material that is traditionally presented in school. 2016/17 also sees a continuation of the emphasis to provide students with exposure to their cultural knowledge with increased on the land experiences so that they can develop a level of competence in those ways.

An unwritten goal is for all our students to believe it is prestigious to be them. As a result we are working on developing their sense of who they are as well as exposing them to a range of opportunities for lifestyles both within the region and outside of the Stikine.

The continued focus on the development of the whole child is driving the conversations we are having with our communities. Together we are seeking ways to provide support for children so that as often as possible we can level the playing field for all of our children and allow for them the same opportunities. Meetings in communities in the spring sought to collect the thoughts and ideas of those living in our communities as to what school could and should be for our students. Now we are encouraging people to partner with us in bringing to fruition the ideas that have come forward.

Given the importance of our children's education and the necessary dedication to support learning, it is understandable that we have maintained "Excellence in Diversity" for our website motto. School District 87 continues to grow and improve. We must maintain the momentum to develop an education system that meets the needs of our students. After all, the students of this district deserve the best.