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School District 87 Stikine

Atlin School

Atlin School serves approximately 30 K-12 students.

Dease Lake School

Dease Lake School serves approximately 110 K-12 students.

Denetia School

Denetia School is a K-7 school located in Lower Post, B.C. 

Tahltan School

Tahltan School has approximately 40 students in K-9.

About Us

School District 87 has the privilege to serve the people of the Stikine region on the unceded territories and ancestral lands of the Kaska, Taku River Tlingit and Tahltan peoples. Encompassing 188 034 square kilometres, School District 87 Stikine, with stunning landscapes, a boreal climate and isolated communities separated by large distances, is, geographically, one of the largest school districts in British Columbia. We are committed to providing the best possible educational opportunities for all our students. Stikine employees are dedicated to creating the best environment possible for education. Our schools have strong, positive, cooperative relationships with parents and their communities and we believe that a positive and safe environment will continue to make a difference and support the learning of all students. We encourage parents to get involved in their children’s education and school. After all, the best gift we can give our children is an education.


At SD87, we strive to deliver the resources to our constituents that allow them to make informed decisions. You can further narrow down resources for staff, parents, or students using the buttons below.

First Nations Education

Aboriginal Language and Culture Workers, positions held by CUPE employees in each school, are vital for Aboriginal Education in the Stikine. These employees have a variety of responsibilities. The central focus for the L&C Worker is to support the classroom teacher in increasing relevant aboriginal content in the classroom through integration with regular curricular outcomes. Providing opportunities for learners to improve their language and enhance their knowledge of their traditions and culture is very important while also supporting other activities that help to meet the goals of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement. Acting as a liaison between school and community resource people is also essential. In addition, this worker may support students and families when the needs arise.

BrightSpace D2L

BrightSpace is a learning management system (LMS) designed to help students, teachers, and parents access learning materials from anywhere with an internet connection.

Graduation Assessments